Google Chromecast Tips and Tricks

Google Chromecast has been a revolution when it comes to watching television in our homes. This device also includes many new features. Would you like to know more about it?


The device created by the company Google has revolutionized the concept of smart television. Over the years, Chromecast has evolved and amazed Android mobile users.

We are not only talking about improvements in terms of physics but also in the interior. An example of this is that everything points to the fact that the next generation will not need to use our mobile phone to control it and instead it will be worth using a remote control. That means it would be a standalone device.

The Revolution of The Teles

Google has Android TV and Chromecast representing the television environment. The first is an operating system that allows you to use a smart TV either through an application or through an external medium.

On the other hand, the Google device is made up of hardware that allows us to view content from our mobile phones on TV. In this case, it is mandatory to use the smartphone for content transmission.

Everything points to the fact that the next generation of Google wants to merge both concepts to create a more efficient and independent device, therefore, as we have previously said, it will not be necessary to use our smartphone to enjoy the new Chromecast, but it will have to be used to send content to the device.

Changes are Coming

Apart from not using the mobile phone, you can also install applications such as Netflix with a much simpler interface compared to the one used by Android TV. The role of Google’s video game cloud called Stadia must also be taken into account since this new device would facilitate its use.

As for quality changes, the new generation is expected to have the ability to stream content in 4K. Everything indicates that soon Android TV will change its name to Google TV, but this is only an assumption and we will only have to wait for these developments to become official. And you? How about using Chromecast without the need for your smartphone?

Movistar’s Smart Television

Apart from Google, there are other companies that are committed to revolutionizing television such as Movistar. If you are a Movistar FusiĆ³n client and you have the UHD decoder, you will be able to access all the content on-demand that Movistar + offers. With the Vocal Control, you can also give the commands with your voice. The virtual assistant Aura turns the TV on and off, pauses the playback or searches for the episodes of your favourite series. And now you can also enjoy two contents at the same time thanks to the double screen.